O Imundo Decôro



O IMUNDO DECÔRO, an ancient exasperation. The
oldest of its Creator apart from other fleeting obscurities that
have been traveling in it, not always in acceptable conjunctures
but always because paths are drawn. Almost always alleys.
Almost always tinted with fluids that decompose them at first,
when these combinations were excessive and love then only a
chimera just for brainless or activists of tantric nihilism.
Posteriorly bourgeoisified. with an akai mpk mini – acquired
legally – improved by the net obscurantism and came close to
the sound self-flagellation, having not yet managed to complete
it by refusing to subscribe – and pay – the services prescribed
almost by coercion. In his defense stands out the repudiation of
paying attention to the most basic instructions that come in
manuals and copious tutorials loose. And the fantastic producer
SARU, who makes his debut for the world in this event of tragiccomic sound – but also pathetic – not by the Creator, nor by the
work or production, but by the almost grunts that he decided to
make, thus carrying them until an eternity that they did not
deserve in their original form.
Peace and stink.